The school building in Gimmelwald stands desolate with its shutters closed in an impressive mountain landscape. The school has been closed since 2010. After the tenants of the former teacher’s flat moved out, the local council planned to sell the building to private individuals.

Shortly before the fateful community meeting in autumn, when the schoolhouse sale was to be sealed, the villagers stood up to prevent this sale. Everyone realized that after a sale, the village would lose its only public meeting space.  Within a few days, the villagers organised themselves into a community of interests “IG Gimmelwald” and numerously attended the community meeting to vote against the sale of the school building. This convinced the other participants and the sale was rejected by a large majority.

Slowly, the conviction grew that the school could only be preserved for future generations through a purchase by the population. But this project exceeds the financial capabilities of the small mountain village by a long way, which is why the villagers decided to found a cooperative to buy, renovate and rebuild the school building.